Vegetarian 9.00




All vegetarian lunch combos are served with hommous, tabbouli, and your choice of soup or salad. All salad upgrades add $1.00

Falafel  Combo 
Veggie Grape Leaves Combo


Borghul Combo

Falafel Combo

Veggie Grape Leaves Combo

Mujadara Combo
Spinach Pie Combo
Fried Eggplant & Cauliflower 

Fried Eggplant and Cauliflower Combo

Spinach Pie Combo

Syrian Cheese Combo
Veggie Combo
Hommous, baba, rice, and tabbouli
Stewed Okra
Served with rice and hommous

Borgul Combo

Mujadara Combo


All non-vegetarian lunch combos are served with hommous, rice, and your choice of soup or salad. All salad upgrades add $1.00

Chicken Shawarma Combo


Chicken Kabob Combo


Deboned Chicken Filet Combo


Lamb Kabob Combo


Beef Kabob Combo


Shish Kafta Combo


Salmon Filet Combo 


Lamb Shank Combo


Lamb Grape Leaves Combo

Served with tabbouli and hommous

Fried Kibbie Combo

Served with tabbouli and hommous



9.25 | 14.00


9.50 | 14.00


9.50 | 14.00


11.50 | 16.00


11.50 | 16.00


11.50 | 16.00


11.50 | 17.00


12.00 | 17.00






lunch | dinner

Fried Kibbie Combo

Chicken Shawarma Combo

Lamb/beef Kabob Combo

Speciality Entrees

Lamb Chops 22.00 

Five, grade A, New Zealand lamb chops. Seasoned and grilled to your liking served with our signature tahini sauce. 


Traditional Combo 14.90

Hommous, baba ghannouge, tabbouli, mujadara, borghul, falafel and veggie grape leaves. 


Aleppo Kabob 16.00

A signature dish of four shish kaftas, first grilled then sauteed in a tomato pomegranate sauce. 


Gallaya (sautee pan stir fry) 17.00

Your choice from chicken, beef or lamb. Sauteed in our homemade olive oil sauce with fresh onions, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers. Spicy on request. 


Sultans Combo for One 18.00

Shish Kafta, Beef Kabob, Chicken Shawarma and Kabob with fried kibbie all on one plate. 

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